Extended Release CBD increases the length of time that your body is absorbing cannabinoids by up to 8 hours.  As is widely known, CBD and other minor cannabinoids have a very short half-life in the human body.  Typically, maximum absorption of most CBD products is reached within the first 60-75 minutes and then quickly declines.  Pure+Wisdom addresses this challenge by incorporating proprietary Extended Release technology and micro-encapsulation to the CBD molecules (and to the CBG and CBN as well) in order to provide more extended and consistent absorption amounts for up to eight hours.  All of our products come with extensive Certifications of Analysis from accredited testing labs which use validated methods.


CBD Broad Spectrum Bio FreeFlow™ powder increases absorption levels in the body by 3-4x.  Many capsules and soft gel products on the market today use distillate (oil) as the active ingredient form within the actual dosage.  It is commonly more difficult for the body to absorb and process these desired molecules from a distillate state.  P+W has partnered with an industry leading scientific manufacturing firm to leverage their patented Bio FreeFlow™ technology.  These Bio FreeFlow™ powders showed a bioavailability increase of over 3x versus broad spectrum CBD distillate.


Ingredients and Finished Products are tested throughout the entire cannabinoid manufacturing process.  One of the core foundational pillars of Pure+Wisdom is creating a company that is heavily rooted in the Quality Systems and Regulatory compliance world.  One way of ‘walking this walk’ is by testing our active ingredients and finished products throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.  This means sourcing materials that have been tested starting at the plant/flower stage and continuing this through the processing of plant material, final post processing of the bulk ingredients, and finished product testing of the final capsules.  


Minor cannabinoids seem to perform to a fuller potential when accompanied by other similar molecules.  This theory is commonly referred to as the Entourage Effect and simply means that molecules like CBD, CBG, and CBN complement one another when more than one is present in a formulation.. meaning that the user receives the full potential of these cannabinoids when they are accompanied by other similar molecules.. they play off themselves and produce stronger results and experiences.